About Sure Match

About Us

What is Sure Match?

Sure Match is an automated, self-serve, digital platform that connects sellers with buyers and the broader ecosystem and supports, educates and empowers them to buy, grow and sell their business.

The Sure Match team are a passionate, determined and talented bunch. Small but powerful, we combine a unique blend of start-up mentality backed by the might of NZ’s leading bank. Together we’re determined to put our passion into action, solving real problems for Kiwi business owners and the greater New Zealand economy. Our ultimate aim; to create a world where every SME business and owner are able to reach their full potential, whatever the life-stage.

After embarking on a journey of discovery, the Sure Match team pioneered an automated, self-service platform that connects today’s entrepreneurs with the visionaries of tomorrow. The Sure Match marketplace was first released to the world in 2018 with the team continuously working to improve and enhance the offering.

The Sure Match platform utilises the latest intelligent matching technology, not only connecting sellers with buyers but linking in industry experts from across the eco-system to create a silky smooth process at every step. Our use of innovative tech reduces inherent complexities whilst increasing transparency. We put the information and the power in the hands of our customers, simplifying and transforming the traditional business sales process.

About Us

Our Purpose

To support business owners and potential buyers transition into their next life-stage – whether that is buying, growing, selling, investing or divesting/retiring.

Looking to buy or sell? We’ve got you covered.

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